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Customize and guarantee the best viewing experience for your audience with our Web SDK on game consoles.

Also check out Stream Lab for testing your streams on real devices.

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How our HTML5 player compares

Bitmovin’s PlayerOpen Source Players*
(Shaka, Video.js, Dash.js, etc.)
- BitmovinOut of the box advertising integration to enable content monetization- Bitmovin- Bitmovin
- BitmovinOver 1000 player tests performed on PS5 and Xbox daily to ensure stability- Bitmovin- Bitmovin
- BitmovinOn-demand testing for production streams on real devices with Stream Lab- Bitmovin- Bitmovin
- BitmovinFrequent updates to our dedicated Game Console Modules- Bitmovin- Bitmovin
- BitmovinSLAs and support from video experts- Bitmovin- Bitmovin
- BitmovinMean opinion score (MOS) testing for adaptive bitrate streaming (ITU P1203) to increase QoE- Bitmovin- Bitmovin

Trusted by startups to the world’s biggest media companies



“Bitmovin’s Player gives us the flexibility and quality we need to continue to make ClassPass Live the best way to get fit.”

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Atul Ohri Head of Engineering, ClassPass Live



“Bitmovin is a true technology partner with their ongoing advice and technical support, ensuring we’re delivering the best possible streaming experiences to our customers.”

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William Sharp VP of Technology, Intigral

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Features for every use case

Developer friendly API enabling modifications and custom workflows for every need

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Customizable ABR

Keep your viewers streaming the highest bitrate available on each instance, adapting the stream to give users the best possible experience.

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Dedicated Ads Module

Integrate Server and Client side Ad Insertion (SSAI & CSAI) with Bitmovin’s Advertising Module or Google IMA and define the logic and configuration.

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Stream protected content seamlessly across all devices with our dedicated support, including Multi-DRM, for Widevine, Playready and Fairplay as well as pre-integrations with major DRM providers.

Fast and easy integration

Developer resources to get started quickly, APIs & documentation to integrate easily.

- Bitmovin No-code Player wizard - Bitmovin - Bitmovin HTML5 Player Docs - Bitmovin - Bitmovin API Reference - Bitmovin - Bitmovin Code Samples - Bitmovin - Bitmovin Developer Community - Bitmovin
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/bitmovinplayer.js"></script>

var source = {
      title: 'Art of Motion',
      dash: 'https://bitmovin-a.akamaihd.net/content/MI201109210084_1/mpds/f08e80da-bf1d-4e3d-8899-f0f6155f6efa.mpd'

var player = new bitmovin.player.Player(document.getElementById('player'), conf);


Made to fit your infrastructure

Launch faster with pre-built API integrations to trusted industry partners for DRM, Ads (SSAI & CSAI), Analytics and CDN.

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On average, customers that deploy Bitmovin’s Player on 2 or more SDKs reach an additional 200,000 viewers per month

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